Arulmigu Amirtha Kalasanathar Temple

This Shivastalam is located 5km south east of the Kumbakonam railway station on the banks of the Arisilaru river.

Legends: In a deluge that submerged the earth, a Kalasam, containing samples of the then existing species settled at this spot, signifying the magic of creation; hence the name Amrita Kalasam.

This temple is also referred to as Kottai Sivan temple, attributing to the belief that the temple was surrounded by a fortress. Given the Sakya population that surrounded this area once, this shrine was also known as Sakya Kottai which is now known as Sakkottai. Sakya – Budhist.

The Temple: This is a small temple, a single prakaram with a tank adjacent to it. The Saptastana festival is observed in the month of Chittirai.

One of the Siva temple which is associated with the famous Mahamaham Festival which is celebrated once in twelve years and also Maasi maham which is celebrated every year in the Tamil month of Maasi.