Arulmigu Gautameswarar Temple

Location: Sri Gowthameswarar Temple is located in the south west of Mahamaham tank, Kumbakonam. One can reach the temple by walk within very few minutes.

Main deity: The main deity of the temple is Gowthameswarar which is known as Swayambu linga and Souandra nayaki amman.

Importance: When the sacred thread around the holy kumbam fell down here and the linga formed. Ubaveetham means the sacred thread. So the temple god known as Ubavedesar and the Goddess is Sundaranayagi Amman. Once Sage Gowthama came here to this temple to get rid of the sin due to killing of a cow he worshipped siva here. From that day the name of Lord Siva has become Gowthameswarar. The holy Gowthama theertham brought out by him only.

This temple is associated with the famous Mahamaham Festival which is celebrated once in twelve years and also Maasi maham which is celebrated every year in the Tamil month of Maasi.